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Erectile Dysfunction, Meds4go, Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is a term, usually referred to as “Impotence”. Erectile Dysfunction means occasional or permanent inability to get or maintain erection hard and long enough to complete a sexual intercourse. The difference between impotence and Erectile Dysfunction is that impotence also refers to problems with reproduction, as well as problems with orgasm, ejaculation and sexual desire. Erectile Dysfunction does not describe those problems, but instead, is used to describe problems with the hardness and firmness of erection, as well as ability to receive it.

Erectile Dysfunction is:

  • Complete inability to have an erection;
  • Inconsistent ability to achieve an erection;
  • Ability to have short-term erections.

First, let’s understand, what causes an erection? Men’s penis consists of two chambers, which are filled with sponge-like tissue – corpora cavernosa, which go along the entire length of the penis. They are surrounded by tunica albuginea, a membrane. Urethra is covered with corpus spongiosum.

An erection is usually caused by either sensory and mental stimulation, or both of them. When the brain feels the stimulation, it sends impulses to nerves and muscles around corpora carvenosa, which causes its relaxation. When corpora carvenosa is relaxed, it allows easy blood flow into the penis, filling the spaces of corpora carvenosa. Pressuring the corpora carvenosa, blood makes the penis to expand. Tunica albuginea works by trapping the blood inside the corpora carvenosa, helping maintain the erection. After contraction of penis muscles, outflow channels for blood are open and penis goes back to its normal condition.

Erectile Dysfunction is a very common problem the possibility of which increases with age – only 5% of men at age over 40 have Erectile Dysfunction problems, while over 25% of men 65 years of age and older experience Erectile Dysfunction problems.

According to statistics, Erectile Dysfunction is becoming a bigger and more public problem every day, especially that more and more people are now ready to talk about it (the number of men, visiting doctors with Erectile Dysfunction problems almost doubles every five years since 1985). One of the reasons, why men are now ready to make their Erectile Dysfunction problems public is the wide range of medications and devices developed for treatment of this problem.

In many cases Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by diseases, side effects of drugs, injuries, unhealthy lifestyle, problems with heart and nerves, impairment of blood flow in penile area, and many others. But no matter, what was the cause for Erectile Dysfunction, everyone should know that this problem is treatable, no matter how old you are! It’s just a problem of finding the right medicine or a right device for you to treat the problems with erection you have.

What are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Disruption of any of the events of the erection process can cause Erectile Dysfunction, including the brain impulses, spinal cord impulses, nerves, muscles, tissues, veins and arteries surrounding the penis, and near corpora carvenosa. The most common cause of Erectile Dysfunction is any kind of damage of nervous, fibrous or muscle tissues, or arteries, caused by some disease, like diabetes, alcoholism, sclerosis, vascular problems, atherosclerosis, kidney disease, neurological disease and other.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction, Meds4go

Every third to second man, suffering from diabetes, also suffers from Erectile Dysfunction as well. Diabetes, together with kidney diseases and diseases, which impact nerves and veins, account for 70% of Erectile Dysfunction causes. Therefore, any choice of unhealthy lifestyle, which can in future lead to problems with heart, blood pressure, overweight, vascular problems increases your risks for getting an Erectile Dysfunction very soon. Smoking, abuse of drugs and alcohol, overweight, absence of physical exercises can all cause problems with erection.

Another common cause of Erectile Dysfunction are surgeries. Bladder cancer surgery and radical prostate surgery often give Erectile Dysfunction as one of possible side effects, as during the surgery arteries and nerves surrounding the penis can be injured. Injuries of back, bladder, prostate and pelvis can also lead to Erectile Dysfunction. Some medications have side effects and lead to Erectile Dysfunction, among them are medicines used for treatment of high blood pressure, depression, tranquilizers, antihistamine drugs, appetite suppressants and ulcer drugs.

Erectile Dysfunction can also be caused by psychological problems. Depression, stress, low self-esteem, anxiety account for 10-20% of causes of Erectile Dysfunction. Fear of sexual failure can often lead to real failure during sex. Psychological causes of ED are easier to cure, as sometimes they can be treated with sex therapy.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Can erectile dysfunction be cured? answer is Yes. Erectile Dysfunction, also called ED, is a very common problem for men all around the world. In America alone Erectile Dysfunction affects up to 30 million of men. Erectile Dysfunction means consistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection strong enough for sexual intercourse, needed to please yourself and your partner. Most men happen to go through some kind of inability to have or keep an erection by the time they are 40, but these rare cases are usually not considered Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms, Meds4care

When such symptoms happen to a man repeatedly, then doctor consultation is advised, as most probably, Erectile Dysfunction treatment of the symptoms might be required. Erectile Dysfunction mostly has physical causes, which can as well be combined with psychological issues. No matter what caused Erectile Dysfunction and what symptoms you have, with all the technological and scientific innovations in the recent years, erectile disfunction is now treatable at any age.

Erectile Dysfunction is not only a physical problem, but even more – psychological, any man will become anxious and concerned about his health and sexual performance. Such nervousness can worsen the situation with erection problems and lean to serious emotional problems in bed and in relationship. Erectile Dysfunction symptoms are usually a reason for lowering of self-esteem and depressions in many men. Although Erectile Dysfunction is not inevitable in the process of growing older, don’t get to stressed-out, if you happen to have erection problems, as most of ED symptoms are cured.

Other diseases and general health condition affect sexual performance and can cause Erectile Dysfunction. For example, diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, atherosclerosis and alcoholism take up to 70% of Erectile Dysfunction cases, while psychological issues only cause from 10 to 20% of ED cases. Diabetes is the most common symptom of Erectile Dysfunction, and if you suffer from diabetes, be prepared to have ED symptoms at some point, as over 50% of men, who have diabetes, suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.

The most visible symptom of Erectile Dysfunction is, of course, inability to receive or sustain a long enough erection, needed in order to complete a sexual intercourse. And the more often this happens to you, the more likely it is that you are having ED. Don’t get upset and don’t think your sexual life is over, if you start having problems with potency. Many men live with this problem and their sexual life is happy and successful.

You will also be able to find the right solution to fight your Erectile Dysfunction problems and will live a healthy sexual life and will be able to make your partner happy! If you are having persistent problems with some process of an erection (frequently unable to have an erection, when masturbating or having sexual stimulation with a partner, or often unable to maintain your erection long enough or hard enough to complete sexual activity), then you need to see your physician and check for possibility of having Erectile Dysfunction.

With Erectile Dysfunction symptoms, it is easy to diagnose ED. Visit your doctor and inform him about the problems you are having during sex. Make it as soon as possible, the sooner you see your doctor, the sooner you will be able to return your sexual life back to normal. Your doctor will first review your patient history to see possible causes, which could lead to ED problems (maybe a surgery or an injury, which previously happened to you). In some cases, your Erectile Dysfunction symptoms might be caused by side effects of certain drugs you are currently taking, and all ED symptoms will go away as soon as you stop taking these drugs.

In most cases, additional physical examination of doctor and medical tests will be required to find the right cure for ED for you. The doctor will check, if your penis is touch-sensitive, thus checking the work of nervous system in the penis. He will examine possible abnormalities with patterns of hair growth, enlargement of breasts, which can indicate possible problems with hormone level and improper work of endocrine system.

Physician will check your pulse and heart rate in order to see any possible problems with blood pressure or work of heart, as well as problems with blood circulation. Unusual reaction of penis on erection will also be examined by your doctor to indicate possibility of having Peyronie’s disease.

Tests, made in laboratory for indicating possible causes of ED will mostly include blood tests, urine analysis, creatinine measurements, checking of liver enzymes and other. Measurements of testosterone levels in blood and erection monitoring are other common lab tests performed, if erectile disfunction is suspected. A nocturnal erection testing is sometimes used to check if the symptoms are correct. Your doctor should also advice you to see a psychologist and talk to him about your erection problems.

Don’t hesitate to contact your doctor and tell him about your problems if you notice any Erectile Dysfunction symptoms. Be sure, there is a cure for your potency problems, and the sooner you will find it, the sooner this problem will vanish from your life!

What is the fastest way to Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Lose weight if you’re overweight.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Try to reduce stress and anxiety.

What is the main Cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is a very common problem among men nowadays. Around half of men at age forty and older are affected by this problem to some extent. The older men get, the more chronic the problem of ED becomes. Thus, when at the age of forty only 5% of men have constant Erectile Dysfunction problems; by the age of 65 it’s already 15 to 20% of men, who have chronic Erectile Dysfunction effects. Inadequate erection is a problem of over half of men at the age of forty to seventy.

Erectile Dysfunction is considered to have many different causes, both physical and mental. Thus, physical causes of ED account for about 70% of cases, while psychological problems are reason for 30% of ED problems. But in many cases, the two causes compliment each other, making the diseases worse.

The most common causes for Erectile Dysfunction are diabetes (as much as one third to one half of men having diabetes, suffer from Erectile Dysfunction as well), atherosclerosis, kidney disease and alcoholism, which account for about 70% of cases, while such psychological causes, as depression, anxiety and stress result in about 10 to 20% of Erectile Dysfunction cases. To understand the causes of Erectile Dysfunction symptoms and problems, it’s necessary to understand what penis consists of and how erection occurs.

Penis consists of lots of nerves and muscles, surrounding the two chambers, which are filled up with blood, thus forming an erection.

We have already mentioned that diabetes is the most common cause of Erectile Dysfunction, as men with diabetes are three times more likely to get Erectile Dysfunction in some form. If blood vessels around the penis are narrowed, this will cause weaker blood flow to penis, thus it will be harder to get an erection.

Therefore, any diseases or injuries, which affect the nervous system, especially the spinal cord (such as Parkinson disease), can result in problems with transmission of brain signals through nerves.

Certain medications can often cause Erectile Dysfunction. Medicines, used for treatment of heart diseases, high blood pressure, depression, cancer and peptic ulcers can be a reason for erectile problems. Such medications often affect the sexual libido, lowering the desire for sex, and in some cases can even cause problems with orgasm and ejaculation.

Psychological problems are often a result of sexual dysfunction. As for relationship of couples, getting bored, issues in relationship and feeling of guilt often cause sexual problems. Erectile Dysfunction problems can be fatal for a relationship, especially if caused by relationship problems and misunderstanding between partners. In such cases, absence of good sex can only make the relationship worse, and the worse it gets, the worse it is to be in bed with a partner. In such cases only family therapist can help people break this circle.

Erectile Dysfunction problems are often a result of unhealthy lifestyle. Abuse of drugs and alcohol, which interfere with the process of male testosterone hormones production, usually affect the ability to perform well during sexual activity.

Other reasons for Erectile Dysfunction problems include atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries, which can be caused by either diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure or high cholesterol), brain surgeries or injuries, kidney and liver diseases, multiple sclerosis, radiation therapy of testicles, heart attach or heart stroke.

The sooner you consult your doctor and start treatment, the sooner you will be able to solve Erectile Dysfunction problems and find the treatment, which is right for you.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction, though a very common problem, has many ways of treatment. There are lots of men with Erectile Dysfunction, who are having a great sexual life and who have managed to live with erection problems. You also will be able to manage your problems with potency and perform great in bed whenever you need to.

The first thing to do, if you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, is understand the causes of it. If you are suffering from small irregular problems with erection, then it is very likely that you’re suffering from light Erectile Dysfunction, which might be caused by psychological problems or some minor problems with health. Any psychological reasons for impotency can be easily overcome and such Erectile Dysfunction can be treated with sex therapy.

If you are not feeling confident, if you have low self-esteem, if you feel nervous and anxious, when it comes to sex, then you should contact a psychologist and advice with him about it, as your psychological factors might easily influence your sexual performance, leading to even lower self-esteem, and, therefore, more problems with erection. Due to this reason, many doctors have hard time answering the question, whether Erectile Dysfunction is a cause of psychological problems, or psychological problems cause problems with erection.

The answer is, one of them leads to another, and then it goes in circles, only making it worse. Contact a sex therapist to stop this cycle and renew your confidence in bed. If you have a wife or a girlfriend, it might be helpful to visit a family counselor, who will advice you as a couple how to cope with this problem and how to relieve the tension between you, improve your sexual communication skills and develop real sexual expectations for both of you.

If psychological treatments do not help and if your problems with erection are much more serious than anxiety or stress don’t get upset, as there are lots of options for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction for you as well!

Medical treatments of Erectile Dysfunction are most widely used among men who suffer from it, just Viagra alone has become so popular, that every person knows about it and how it works. Viagra is one of the fastest working Erectile Dysfunction drugs, which works in 30 minutes after you take the pill, as it is rapidly absorbed. According to statistics, Viagra has proved to be effective in 75% of ED cases.

Depending on the causes of Erectile Dysfunction, Viagra works perfectly for those, suffering from Erectile Dysfunction caused by spinal cord injuries (successful in 83%), diabetes (in 57%) and radical prostatectomy (in 43% of cases).

Other oral medications, similar to Viagra are Levitra, Cialis, Yohimbine and other. These selective enzyme inhibitors are taken orally and have slightly different effect in terms of length and strength of their action. These oral medication are available by prescription only, therefore, its better to consult your doctor about the best one suitable for you and about the working dose, that you should take. Most of the enzyme inhibitors work by relaxing the smooth muscles of penis, thus allowing easier flow of blood into the corpora carvenosa.

Oral medications have some side effects, that may occur. Side effects caused by selective enzyme inhibitors can include flushing, headache, indigestion, muscle and back aches. Such side effects usually go away within a few hours, but can stay for as long as two days.

Other popular non-surgical treatment of Erectile Dysfunction is self-injection. Using this way of ED treatment you will need to make short-needle injections into your penis’s corpora cavernosum. This procedure will give you an erection, which you will be able to maintain for several hours. Prostaglandin and phentolamine are most commonly used for self-injections and cause the same effects as Viagra, by relaxing the smooth muscles and causing vascular dilation.

Self-injections, Meds4care

Self-injections are very popular, as many men claim that they give very natural erections, which add more sensitive feelings to sexual intercourse. According to tests, self-injections are successful in 80% of cases, when used properly.

Self-injections are another popular drug treatment method for Erectile Dysfunction. It is comparatively easy and painless. Self-injection is usually made with either Prostaglandin or Phentolamine, which are injected into the penis side with a small needle. This method is very easy to use, as long as you know how to make injections and is very effective, as over 70% of men who were treated with it, responded positively and were very happy with the results.

Another popular way of Erectile Dysfunction treatment is usage of Vacuum devices. Vacuum pumps are plastic devices, which are operated manually to achieve an erection, which is then maintained using a special rubber ring. A plastic tube of vacuum pump, where a penis is inserted, creates a vacuum, thus causing blood flow to the penis, creating an erection. A soft rubber ring can be placed on the penis for up to 30 minutes in order to keep an erection and prevent blood from flowing out of penis. Such devices are easily used at home.

In severe cases of Erectile Dysfunction, it is advised to consider surgery as a way of treatment of erection problems. Surgical procedures involve placing of implants in penis body, which are safe enough and will help have an erection. There are different options for surgical implants. Consult your doctor about the options you have, if you require a surgery to treat Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are devices, which are appropriate for Erectile Dysfunction treatment in men older than 30 years of age. This not complicated system solves a very serious problem of sexual relationships, which suffer from Erectile Dysfunction problems. Inability to have a healthy sexual life affects both partners, and thus when you get back to normal sexual functioning with vacuum pump, you will be able to renew the intimate connection with your partner.

Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Pumps, Meds4go

Vacuum pumps, like other treatments of Erectile Dysfunction, do not solve the problems with orgasm and ejaculation or with of lack of desire for sex. But this device will easily repair your ability to get and keep an erection long enough and strong enough to please yourself and your partner.

Vacuum therapy devices (also called penis pumps) are useful and helpful in cases, when drugs, like Viagra do not work, and there is no need to make a surgery. Vacuum pump is used in combination with vacuum constriction device, while pump is used to make an erection; the constriction device is used to maintain it.

Vacuum devices are used for treatment of different forms of Erectile Dysfunction (such as being unable to receive an erection, inconsistent ability to get an erection, or ability to only have short-term erections) at any age, which can be caused by different causes (such as drugs side effects, diseases or injuries).

Vacuum pumps are widely used by men, suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, and are considered a very safe and highly successful in terms of giving satisfaction to both partners of sexual activity. It is especially widely used among patients, who have undergone a prostatic surgery and who have severe forms of erectile disfunction(determined by inability to have nocturnal erections).

Vacuum pumps are approved by the American Food and Drug Administration and consist of thee elements. The first element is a plastic cylinder, where a penis is placed. The second element is a pump itself, which draws out air of the cylinder, creating vacuum. The vacuum then causes blood flow to the penis, which then naturally expands, like it would during a normal erection.

A constriction ring is the third element, and is usually made of soft rubber material or silicon and is put on the penis, causing no discomfort. Usually, when ordering vacuum pump device, you will receive a number of constriction rings and will be able to find the one, which exactly fits your size. When a constriction ring is placed on the base of a penis, the penis is taken out of the plastic cylinder. The constriction ring prevents blood outflow from the penis and is removed after sexual intercourse.

The rubber ring in general should not be placed on penis for longer than half an hour, in order not to cause damage to penis veins and arteries. Condoms can be used in combination with a constriction ring, as the ring gives no damage to the penis and doest give any discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Vacuum pumps are usually operated manually and work by creating a vacuum around penis, causing blood flow and giving an erection. The erectile vacuum pumps are absolutely safe and have no contradictions for their use. None of the erectile disfunction drugs is as effective, as the vacuum pump device, as pills, injections and other ED treatments usually give only up to 70% of successful cases, while with vacuum pump devices you are 100% guaranteed to get an erection.

Another advantage of using vacuum pump devices is that when using it for a long period of time, you will be able to increase the size of penis, both girth and length, as the penis gets gradually stretched by the vacuum and over-pumped with blood.

The vacuum pump devices are rather expensive, but you should remember that this is a onetime expense, which will ensure you have a healthy sexual life for many-many years.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

With all the stress and anxiety, unhealthy lifestyles that we all lead, numerous injuries, surgeries and other accidents, no wonder that so many men start suffer from some form of Erectile Dysfunction after they turn forty. And there are lots of cases in the modern world, when young and sometimes absolutely healthy men suffer from ED symptoms. Thanks to the many developments in technologies and sciences, it has now become possible to live a normal sexual life, even if you suffer from the most severe form of Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs, Meds4go

The most popular ways of Erectile Dysfunction treatment are different ED drugs. The easiest and the most wide-spread are, of course, oral medications, such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, which are probably known to everyone visit now www.meds4gen.com Their popularity is caused by ease of application, but in some cases they might not be as effective, as some other treatments. Other drugs used for Erectile Dysfunction treatment are injection drugs, such as Prostaglandin and Phentolamine.

Tadalafil (Generic Cialis), is a prescription drug used for treatment of impotence. It only works with sexual stimulation and operates by blocking PDE5 enzymes in an organism, easing the blood flow to penis. Cialis is taken orally either with or without a meal usually when needed, but not more than once a day. Sometimes Cialis is prescribed in a lower dose (usually 2.5mg or 5mg, when one time doze can vary from 5 to 20 mg) for taking regularly every day.

Cialis starts working in 30 minutes-1 hour after you take it, thus should be taken at least 30 minutes prior to sexual activity in order to be effective. One special precaution, when taking Cialis is consumption of grape juice. Do not drink grape juice in combination with Cialis treatment, as it can affect the amount of some medicine in bloodstream.

Sildenafil (Generic Viagra), is the most popular and widely-used treatment of ED problems. Like Cialis and Levitra, it is a PDE5 inhibitor, which works by blocking enzymes. Viagra is taken 30 minutes to 4 hours before sexual activity (usually 1 hour), no more than once a day.

The popularity of Viagra has recently decreased due to the information published by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which disclosed that selective enzyme inhibitors, like Viagra, can be a reason for vertigo (dizziness), tinnitus (ringing in your ears) and even potential loss of hearing. Temporary hearing problems and ringing in ears previously were considered common side effects for Viagra and some other PDE5 inhibitors, but with this information becoming public, more people stopped using the medication.

Vardenafil (Generic Levitra), is another popular oral medication applied for treatment of male Erectile Dysfunction. It works the same way as Cialis, helping to receive and maintain an erection only after sexual stimulation. Levitra should be taken 1 hour prior to sexual intercourse with or without a meal, no more than once a day. The absorption of the drug may be decreased by fat in the meal, so it advised to combine it with low-fat meals.

Yohimbine is another drug, which is used for treatment of sexual potency problems, but it is not as popular as the PDE5 inhibitors, as it is effective for a very small number of men (only form 10 to 20% of men, who were tested, responded to the treatment). It not only works on improving erection, by stimulating nervous system, but also increases libido.

The medicine has a very slow effect, which can only be seeing after six to eight weeks after beginning of therapy. With insignificant and slow positive effects, Yohimbine has side effects, such as heart problems, blood pressure, dizzy feelings, irritation and nervousness, and some other.

According to many testimonials, self-injections give naturally feeling erection and, therefore, much better feeling from sexual act. The erection, caused by self-injection, is very much like a natural erection; it lasts long enough for successful completion of sexual intercourse and does not interact with either ejaculation or orgasm, making them as natural, as possible. This type of treatment is comparatively inexpensive, as one injection will cost about $8-10.

Among other drug Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction, let’s name uretheral suppositories, also called MUSE. Penis urethra absorbs substances well into the tissues surrounding it. Thus, placing an appropriate medication into the urethra can cause an erection. Prostaglandin is used for MUSE suppositories, and it works here just like in self-injections, but with no need to make an actual injection. The work of medicine starts very fast, usually in about 5-10 minutes, and lasts for 30 minutes to one hour.

Some Popular Erectile Dysfunction medication:

Cenforce 100, Fildena 100, Kamagra 100, Aurogra 100, Vidalista 20, Cenforce 200, Fildena 150

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