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Benefits of Tomatoes to Cure Prostate Cancer

Benefits of Tomatoes to Cure Prostate Cancer

Researchers have discovered that nutrients found in cooked tomatoes can actually slow the growth of cancer cells or even kill them. And the latest research says that tomatoes can certainly inhibit the growth of prostate cancer and cure Prostate Cancer. Apart from tomatoes, there are also Mangosteen peel and Soursop leaves which have the same properties in curing prostate cancer.

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Role of lycopene and tomato products in Prostate Cancer

Scientists have discovered a nutrient called lycopene, found in cooked tomatoes, can slow the growth and even kill cancer cells that hijack the body’s healthy blood supply.

Dr Mridula Chopra and Colleagues at the University of Portsmouth discovered that lycopene, which gives tomatoes their red Color, bypasses the cancer’s ability to make the connections it needs to attach to a healthy blood supply.

The researchers, from the university’s School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, are now calling for tests to check whether a similar reaction occurs in the human body.

Lycopene is present in all red fruits and Vegetables, but its highest Concentration is in tomatoes and it becomes more readily available and biologically active when it comes from tomatoes processed with small amounts of added cooking oil.

Dr Chopra said:

“I emphasize that our testing was done in test tubes in a laboratory and more testing needs to be done to confirm our findings, but the laboratory evidence we found is clear that it is likely that lycopene is a simple mechanism for intercepting some cells. cancer or tumors that grow by only consuming red tomatoes that are cooked well enough. “

He added:

“The types of tomatoes that offer the most effective lycopene also differ and more tests need to be carried out to find the best types of tomatoes for this purpose.”

The research, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, was funded by Heinz.

Eleanor Barrie, senior scientific information officer at Cancer Research UK, said:

“Further research to find out how lycopene works in eradicating prostate cancer is still much needed, whereas some cancer drugs usually always target the process of forming new blood vessels, and lycopene This shows positive results.”

“This small study doesn’t tell us directly if lycopene has any cancer-fighting effects, but studies like this can help us to understand more about how the chemical affects blood vessel formation.”

Apart from tomatoes, it turns out broccoli also has several benefits for preventing prostate cancer. There are phytochemicals in broccoli, which will help in maintaining a healthy prostate. There are other vegetables such as cauliflower that have the same properties. Nuts are also included in the list of healthy foods for the prostate, peanuts and green beans, etc. It contains cancer-fighting compounds that will help in suppressing tumor growth. This will also help in reducing the PSA level in the blood, which in turn means that there is no progression of cancer.

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