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Who is More Sexually Active Male or Female?

Female Sexual Life and Sexuality The Sexually Active of women is significantly different from that of men. For men, sex is usually a physical need, like hunger or thirst. The man has a more direct approach when approaching sex and focuses more on the physical and psychological conditions which are often considered less often by women.

Who is More Sexually Active Male or Female?

When women play with regard to sexuality, their feelings are very much in mind. Women experience their sexuality as part of their personality. They also see Sexually Active much more connected to a partnership. Even more significant is the difference in dealing with sexuality when a problem occurs. Men want to solve the purely mechanical problem, usually through a doctor, prescription drugs, etc. Women look at the causes of sex problems which they consider are more likely due to partner conflicts or environmental factors (e.g. stress).

Women often reach the climax of sexual pleasure between 30 and 35 years of age. This level is often well preserved even after menopause. Although the statistics show that the frequency of intercourse declines in women of older age, this is often due to the lack of interest of the partner. Probably the statistics would look somewhat different if the women were having sexual encounters with younger men.

In recent years, a change has taken place in self-awareness among women that is associated with a change of attitude towards Female Sexuality. Women play an increasingly active role in shaping their sexual life.

What Happens During the Sexual Arousal in Women?

In women, the impulse Generated in the Genital area is a complicated interplay of feelings, fantasies and bodily reactions.

The Sexually Active is generally divided into four phases (according to Masters and Johnson, sexologists):

  • Excitation Phase
  • Plateau Phase
  • Orgasm Phase
  • Recovery Phase

1 Excitation Phase

In the excitement phase, the voltage increases in the body. This positively perceived voltage is triggered by caressing, touching and petting, but also by sexual fantasies.

The physical sign of excitation is moistening of the vagina. The vagina becomes wider, longer and the vaginal skin becomes juicy. The labia majora are the outer layers of skin surrounding the vagina and they lay flat at the free entrance to the vagina. The labia minora are the inner layers of vaginal skin which become thick and red and support the exposure of the vaginal opening. The clitoris increases in size and scope and becomes readily apparent from its surroundings. At the same time, the nipples and breasts can become swollen and slightly increase in size. This leads to involuntary muscle contractions, increased heart rate and rising blood pressure.

Female Reproductive System – Female Sexuality female arousal phases

2. Plateau Phase

The excitement phase passes into the plateau phase. Excitement is high and remains stable for a while before the orgasm is achieved. During this time, the outer third of the vagina narrows. This is called the Orgastic collar due to the reciprocating penis in this area being the strongest stimulus applied to the gland. The clitoris pulls back at this point, that is, it is not directly stimulated by the movement of the penis, but is excited indirectly. Blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate increase and muscle spasms can be strengthened.

3 Orgasm Phase

The orgasm phase lasts only a few moments. This leads to muscle contractions or spasms which can sometimes cover the entire body. This is followed by complete relaxation. Similar to men, women may have a Kind of Ejaculation. Female Ejaculation occurs when some fluid (not urine) leaks from the urethra. 

In contrast to men, women can have an orgasm several times in quick succession. The experience of orgasms can vary greatly and is influenced by many factors. However, the physiology is always the same. For better orgasms female also use Filagra Pink and Lovegra 100 mg

What happens during an orgasm? The outer third of the vagina begins to move rhythmically together with the uterus. The sphincter of the anus is also contracted like the orogastric cuff of the vagina. Muscular tension is not confined to the pelvic area, but covers the whole body. Pulse, blood pressure and respiratory rate increase to an even greater level compared to the plateau phase.

4 Recovery Phase

After orgasm, or orgasms, there is a regression phase. The body needs a certain amount of time to relax from the utter excitement. The blood must be redistributed again. The lips regain their normal size, the clitoris comes back out easily and the vaginal cuff is formed again. The uterus swells and shifts back to the usual position.

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