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What is Hydroxychloroquine tablet?

What is Hydroxychloroquine tablet?

Hydroxychloroquine tablet is a medically specified medication from the group of drugs known as antimalarials. It is sold under the Plaquenil brand name and is a pretty popular medication comprising a potent active ingredient. The primary purpose of this medication is to remediate immune system disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematosus.

The recommendation of this dosage usage is valid only under the legal doctor’s prescription and guidance.

What is Hydroxychloroquine tablet Used for?

Hydroxychloroquine medicine (HCQS 400 and HCQS 200) should be used, on how the doctors have directed. Its primary purpose is to treat rheumatoid arthritis, that is, skin rashes due to rapid sun exposure and pain and swelling in joints. lupus erythematosus is an immune system illness in which the immune system strikes its body tissues. It has a potent active ingredient that treats the symptoms efficiently. Users must never miss using the tablet, as it may interfere with the medicine’s effect.

How does Hydroxychloroquine tablet work?

Hydroxychloroquine medication possesses an immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory action. It hinders chemicals like interleukins, prostaglandin, and other immune systems modifying enzymes and cells. Furthermore, it stops the swelling and slows down the pain in autoimmune diseases.

Hydroxychloroquine proved to be effective doses against treating covid 19 as well.

How should Hydroxychloroquine Be taken?

Hydroxychloroquine is a highly effective medicine and you should follow strict procedures to get the best results out of the medicine.

Below we have stated all steps to take Hydroxychloroquine tablet:

  • Your doctor will prescribe the Buy Hydroxychloroquine tablet, and you must strictly take the correct dose.
  • Consume the tablet orally, will a full glass of water after having a meal.
  • Do not crush or divide the tablet into two halves.
  • Typically, the initial dosage intake will be a total dosage of 200 to 400mg regularly, and later the dosage may reduce if the condition gets better.
  • Users must preferably take this medicine at the exact time every day.
  • When the infectious condition comes under control, your doctor will advise you to take hydroxychloroquine medicine only 2 to 3 times per week.


Hydroxychloroquine tablets offer exclusive benefits; it regulates the immune system activity which in some conditions might be overactive.

However, using this tablet for a certain period will help you reduce swelling, pain, and joint stiffness. In the case of lupus, it helps in improving the rashes.

Furthermore, this medicine expert in treating the disease (rheumatoid arthritis) symptoms can effectively modify the underlying disease. Users may take up to 12 weeks to experience its potent benefits.

Hydroxychloroquine is mainly prescribed in combination with other medicines like methotrexate.

Also, Ivermectin 12 mg (Iverheal) is used to treat parasitic syndromes and skin infection.

Hydroxychloroquine Side Effects and Risks:

Indeed, there are some severe side effects linked with Hydroxychloroquine tablet.

It might get extreme if you carelessly ignore the symptoms which can impact your heart.

It may also cause low platelet count, anemia, and a rise in liver enzymes.

Side effected are not expected; however, in some users, hydroxychloroquine can cause symptoms like

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Drop-in blood sugar level
  • Poor digestion
  • Skin peeling or blistering
  • Headaches
  • Skin rashes, specifically that got worse by sunlight exposure
  • Stomach ache
  • Vomiting
  • Mild hair loss
  • Dizziness
  • Bleaching of the hair
  • Vision impairment
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Loss of appetite
  • Low blood glucose
  • Sudden mood swings
  • Color blindness
  • Blurred vision

The significant risk involved with hydroxychloroquine medication is that it can damage an inside eye part known as the retina.

The risk increases on using this dose for the longer term.

Your doctor will advise you of safe dosage strength and follow it entirely without exceeding the dosage strength and treatment course duration to avoid this risk.

It is preferable to monitor your eyes often.


Hydroxychloroquine has severe interaction with other medications.

So users must know all the interactions and contradictions before beginning the treatment:

  • Moreover, some tablets can interact with hydroxychloroquine; for instance, indigestion remedies can cease hydroxychloroquine tablets from being absorbed.
  • It is recommended that the users wait at least four hours after using hydroxychloroquine before using indigestion remedies.
  • Associating the drugs like Digoxin for heart conditions with hydroxychloroquine tablets can promote the digoxin toxicity risks.
  • There is an extreme risk of a series of fits if you use this tablet along with antimalarials such as Mefloquine.
  • Medicines and antacids consumed to stop diarrhea should be used only with enough gap of four hours when combined with hydroxychloroquine tablets.
  • When users use tablets such as halofantrine, amiodarone, and moxifloxacin, along with hydroxychloroquine tablets, users experience uneven or irregular heart rhythm.

 Where to Buy Hydroxychloroquine tablet?

Users can have access to the hydroxychloroquine medication through various medicinal websites and over the counter as well like Meds4gen.com

But in both options, a medical prescription is a must.

However, in the United States, hydroxychloroquine tablet is dispensed by a counter or pharmacy only with the legal doctor’s prescription.

As a reason, there is no possibility of acquiring hydroxychloroquine medicine legally without getting a legitimate prescription, and in the United States, hydroxychloroquine cannot be availed over the counter.

Warnings and Precautions:

Some general warnings are precautions that need to follow while using hydroxychloroquine medications are as follows.

Attentively following it will help you escape various serious consequences and also help you resolve infectious conditions sooner.

It is necessary to inform your doctor about past medical health history; it will help the doctor whether this dosage is appropriate or specific adjustment is needed.

Moreover, your doctor should monitor you often for blood count and heart health if you choose to use this tablet for long-term treatment.

Allergy reactions:

Suppose the users have felt any symptoms after using the medicine.

In that case, they must stop using the tablet promptly as it may be due to the allergic reaction to the tablet’s active agent or any of its related components.

Visual disturbances:

Inform your doctor promptly if you experience some vision problems or have an existing eye disease.

So, before initiating the treatment with hydroxychloroquine, you must undergo an eye examination or test.

Diabetic disorder:

If the users have diabetes, there is a high possibility of a sudden drop in blood sugar level, causing unconsciousness. So it is recommended to monitor the blood glucose level frequently.

Heart disease:

Users must inform their doctor if they have heart disease because while using this medicine, users may experience uneven or abnormal heartbeats. Conducting ECG before initiating the treatment with hydroxychloroquine will be helpful.

Other disorder:

Users must be careful if they have kidney or liver disease or stomach disease because dosage requirements will be required. Users will be developing swelling in the legs, fatigue, breathlessness, coughing, and fatigue while laying down.

Skin disease:

It is expected that using hydroxychloroquine tablets will cause rashes, and it will be dangerous if they have an autoimmune disorder of the skin known as porphyria.

Enzyme deficiency:

If the users or their family suspects a history of an enzyme deficiency, they must be attentive while using this tablet.


Using hydroxychloroquine medication during pregnancy leads to harmful effects on unborn babies.

Therefore, it is strictly recommended not to use it during pregnancy.

Consultation with the doctor is vital if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant.


Hydroxychloroquine medication has proved to pass through breast milk.

Women using this medication must strictly not breastfeed as infants are susceptible to the extreme effects of this tablet.

It is crucial to check with the doctor before using this medication while breastfeeding.

Driving and handling heavy instruments:

If you use hydroxychloroquine medication, you may experience vision impairment, vision disturbances, and dizziness.

So it is suggested to drive if you feel dizzy and do not handle heavy instruments where you require alertness to save you from danger.


Consumption of alcohol is strictly not permitted while using the hydroxychloroquine tablet, as it may slow down the effects or cause interactions that will be fatal.

Storage and disposal of Hydroxychloroquine tablet:

  • After purchasing the hydroxychloroquine medications, the users must store them in a suitable place.
  • It is advisable to store the tablet in a dry and clean place at 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Make sure to protect it from direct sunlight exposure, heat, and moisture.

Please keep it safe from the reach of pets and children and dispose of the unused tablet properly.

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