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Erectile Dysfunction Causes

What Are Erectile Dysfunction Causes?

Is your Erectile Dysfunction ruining your sexual bliss and excitement on the bed? Do you have problems trying to achieve erections? what is Erectile Dysfunction Causes?

Here we will give you a brief idea on what are the Erectile Dysfunction causes and why is that you are not able to have erections at will.

The problem of ED is not something new and more and more research being conducted in this area has given us some interesting information on the disorder.

There was some earlier disbelief that ED is caused only in older men above 50 years old.

But this is not the case as there are many young people too that suffer from this problem regularly. You need to understand the fact that this problem has many associated physical and psychological disorders that are the root causes of the problem.

Erectile Dysfunction causes

Before we move further into this article we have to understand what causes erections to better understand why people suffer from ED.

How Do You Get The Potent Harder Erections?

It’s important to know how males get erections to understand why lack of erections occurs. As we mentioned earlier as well that getting erections is a confluence of some physical changes that are triggered by psychological changes.

For your erections, it is your brain that kicks start the changes. It generates signals that travel along the body exciting you and these thoughts also lead to the general feel to have love or sex with your partner.

This is also assisted by a physical change in the form of higher blood flow to the penis. These touches make your penis more and more sensitive to touches. And due to higher blood flow, you get erections.

What are erectile dysfunction causes?

Why Does Lack of Erections Occur?

There is no ground logic to support this.

As mentioned above that getting erections require some psychological and physical changes to your body.

If you cut one of these then you can experience a lack of erections.

So what aggravates from simply not getting erections to something that turns into a potent disorder is the fact that people suffering from Erectile Dysfunction causes from one of these changes that hinder their capability to get erections and over the years it turns up to be a major disorder.

The causes of ED are sometimes psychological such as anxiety, or being under a lot of stress all the time, depression.

Due to suffering from these mental disorders, your mind is not able to generate feelings to have sex or the desire from the inside.

Those who are suffering from the various psychological problems of depression and anxiety might have a greater chance in life from Erectile Dysfunction causes in their lives. See, the lack of erections aggravates an ED disorder over a couple of years.

In most cases, mental and psychological distresses go unnoticed.

Knowing The Root of Erectile Dysfunction Causes

There are many root causes for ED that can be physical or psychological. The physical causes of your ED include many disorders that can be linked Erectile Dysfunction causes.

The list of physical disorders include-

Cardiac problems

Probably the biggest reason behind your ED disorder is any cardiac problem. As we all know that heart is the solely responsible organ in our body for transmission and pumping blood to all the organs, tissues, and cells in the body. And when this is hampered blood flow does not take place properly. Even for getting harder erections, you need a higher blood flow through the penis tissues.


One of the major causes and probably the second most important cause is diabetes for you not getting harder erections. Diabetes can result in poor blood supply due to sustained damage to nerves, and blood vessels that gradually happen over the years, and this results in blood not flowing properly through all the arteries in the penis.


Those people who suffer from obesity might have more chances of ED and it is often found that people who are also overweight might suffer from ED disorder.

This due to the excessive weight of the adipose or fat tissues that block off the blood supply through the arteries resulting in a poor supply of blood to the penis tissues.

Nerve problems

It is inherent to say that people who have some nerve disorder might not be able to generate feelings or the desire to have sex as the signals are not properly transmitted to the penis resulting in not getting an erection on stimulation.

Along with the physical problems, there can be some associated psychological issues as well that might be the cause of your ED in the long run.

The list of psychological issues that can cause ED includes-

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression

For the above-mentioned psychological Erectile dysfunction causes, there is one common reason. And the main reason is that your brain is already under some form of stress, depression, fear or anxiety, or even panic as a result people with such disorders do not have sexual thoughts.

And when your brain is already pre-occupied with some other things it is not able to generate the desire for sexual bliss.

We all know that it is the triggering of the signals that are emanated from the brain that causes certain physical changes for getting harder erections.

What are the common ED symptoms?

The symptoms of ED are common to notice and it is the ED patient who can observe this at first. If you don’t have that steaminess in bed anymore or if don’t have sexual thoughts with your partner in bed the most obvious reason is that you might be suffering from some form of psychological disorder.

Other people will get the erections but not as hard and thus they too are not able to penetrate.

Under any situation, you should not delay further to let your ED disorder aggravate any further and see a doctor or a urologist at the earliest.

Fortunately, if you visit the doctor in the earlier stages of ED there are lots of permanent cure treatments which might not be the case when your ED becomes more severe.

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