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How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction

How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the most prevalent sexual syndrome that has been reported by males to doctors. It has already been reported in around 30 million of males worldwide. The impotence takes place when an individual has a problem in achieving and keeping erections hard enough for sensual activity. Although, it is not rare for males to attain failures in erections from time to time.

However, the progression of erectile failure on a routine basis is not normal and should be treated as fast as possible. Some of the main causes of the impotence include aging, health conditions for example diabetes & hypertension. Also, it can take place when an individual is having an injury either in the spinal cord, penile area, or pelvis region. Under the condition when a person is having stress, depression, anxiety, or being overweight.

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How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction

Here are some of the natural remedies for curing the condition of erectile dysfunction:


Consuming a balanced diet is also helping in improving sexual function. It leads to a reduction in the risks of erectile failure. In the year 2020, there was a study was conducted where a group of men were given a Mediterranean diet and it led to a reduction in the risk of erectile dysfunction. Similar research was conducted in 2017 and found that consuming more fruits, vegetables as well as flavonoids is actually known to reduce the risk of impotence in males between the age of 18 to 40 years.


Also, regular physical activity is protecting impotence. It is also improving the condition of erectile dysfunction. So, by performing aerobic exercises, whether moderate or intense for around 40 minutes in a day, for around 4 weeks will be helping in reducing the condition of erectile dysfunction. This will be including exercising like running, cycling, walking as well as skiing.

Adequate sleep

Adequate sleep is extremely eminent for the maintenance of overall health. So, you should get enough of the sleep during each and every night. It has been found to have a beneficial impact on improving the condition of impotence. In the study conducted in 2017, it was found that the males who are working during the night shift were reported to have a poor quality of sleep and this has led to the elevated risk of erectile dysfunction.

Also, in 2019, research conducted on people who are suffering from the sleep disorder demonstrated that they were at a greater risk of developing impotence. Also, the condition of obstructive sleep apnea has led to the elevation in the risk of impotence.

Weight loss

Obesity is another factor that is contributing to the condition of erectile failure. In the year 2020, a study was conducted that demonstrated that impotence is more common in males who are suffering from obesity, also who are overweight, or who have a wide waist size. So, in case of weight is a contributory factor to the cause of erectile dysfunction. Regular exercising and consumption of a balanced diet will be assisting out in losing weight and improving the condition of frequent erectile failures.


In the majority of the cases, the males are not aware of the risk factor that has been associated with erectile dysfunction. At times, it can also be caused when a couple is facing relationship issues. This particular condition can be addressed by cognitive behavior therapy along with medications. Also, counseling is more effective in reducing anxiety & depression among couples.

Reduction in stress

There is a connection between erectile dysfunction & stress, and anxiety. In the study conducted in 2019, stress is found to be one of the main predictors of frequent erectile failures, apart from anxiety & depression. So, it has been found that chronic stress is impacting the level of testosterone that leads to sleep deprivation in males which is a causative factor of this sexual syndrome. Another research indicates that the impact of stress on impotence is still unclear. However, the administration of 8 weeks of the stress management program and the medications have been found to exert an impact on the improvement in the condition of erectile dysfunction compared to pills alone.

Reduction in alcohol consumption

The studies on the effect of alcohol on frequent erectile failures have been found to yield mixed outcomes. Research in 2018 has demonstrated that drinking a moderate volume of alcohol is found to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. However, it has been depicted that erectile dysfunction is more common in people who were suffering from alcohol dependence syndrome. But here extensive research is required to further determine the role of alcohol consumption in causing the condition of erectile failure.


Smoking is another addiction that is likely to contribute to the condition of erectile dysfunction. It is due to the reason that smoking has a damaging impact on the blood vessels. So, it will be preventing out enough of the blood from reaching out towards the penile area for the erection. Also, smoking activity leads to a reduction in the volume of nitric oxide. This causes the relaxation of the involuntary muscles and enhancement in the flow of blood that plays a crucial role in erections taking place.

End note

So, the best course of treatment is dependent upon the cause of impotence. The treatment may be including prescription drugs, vacuum devices, or even surgical procedures. However, through the adoption of changes in lifestyle and some natural remedies, the condition of erectile dysfunction can be improved.

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