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Careprost-The bestselling eyelash serums for longer lashes

Careprost – The Best Selling Eyelash Serums For Longer Lashes

Getting Long & Luscious lashes is no longer a Dream with Careprost!

Some people are lucky to be born with long and natural eyelashes. However, the majority of them keep on furiously looking for a way to get dark, beautiful, and magical eyelashes. Even when a person is armed with mascara, falsies as well as an eyelash curler, then also the lashes will not look as lush as you would like them to. The life span of the lashes simply varies between four to around eleven months. However, they are capable of growing for around 4-10 weeks of time. So, if your lashes are falling frequently, or you are already weaning of the falsies it is time to get them back. This natural growth cycle of lashes takes immense time. But, it’s not that you are simply out of luck. As there is eyelash growth-enhancing serums that can boost the length, volume as well as curl of lashes. So, if you are feeling highly frustrated that you have used mascara or falsies to achieve the lashes of your dream, but nothing has worked out. Then this ensures that attractive lashes are just a blink away from you.

What makes Careprost Best Eyelash Growth Serum?

Careprost is a proven ophthalmic serum that is impactful in all those people who are having the growth of eyelashes for attaining fuller, longer as well as thicker lashes. This product is quite rare in the sense it is utilized for both medicinal as well as cosmetic purposes. Apart from curing of chronic eye syndrome glaucoma, this eye drop is also effective in changing the length and thickness of the lashes. But always remember to follow the doctor’s recommendations as per the specifications for avoiding the risks of any adversaries. The bimatoprost, the chief substance present in the Careprost is acting like prostaglandin. This is a fatty acid that produces a hormone-like impact on the body. For the medicated purpose, this eye drop is utilized to cure glaucoma disease, through the relief of the pressure within the eyes.

How This Best Eyelash Growth Serum Is Acting?

Before applying Careprost, you are required to wash your hands as well as your face for the removal of any makeup. This solution is required to be utilized once, preferably during the night time, and is placed towards the upper eyelashes roots through the utilization of the single-time use applicator. It works through by creation of extra hair follicles, taking place during the hair growth cycle. The Super Lash has already got approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), for its utilization on the upper lashes. It may be spreading towards the lower lashes as and when you blink. However, the primary impact will be on the upper lashes. Also, make sure not to worry, if by mistake the eye drop gets into your eyes. This is because it is utilized for curing glaucoma and it is unlikely to do any kind of damage. The results will be appearing within around two months of its application. So, if you will be stopping the application of eyelash growth serum, then the lashes will get back to their original state.

Is Careprost Safe To Apply?

The FDA-approved Careprost is considered safe to be utilized. However, it should be applied only upon the doctor’s prescription, followed by the instructions. Since it is the bimatoprost, which is the most important component, so in case you are having glaucoma and you are already under the medication for the treatment, then it is more important to consult your eye doctor before putting up on the Buy Careprost. Using any other medication in combination with the Careprost will be increasing the adverse impacts of this ophthalmic serum.

For How Long Effect Of Bimatoprost Lasts?

The effect of the bimatoprost, when used as an eyelash growth enhancer, fades away when you are stopping the utilization of this product. Some of the side effects that patients may experience include eyelid itching, dryness, eyelid darkening as well as blood shot eyes. There are some of the allergic reactions that might be possible for example; eyelid swelling. Some of the other significant impacts of using this Bimat include excessive eyelash growth in and around the eye corner and their might be excessive eye brow growth when somehow medication touches it. If you experience any such undesirable impact after applying this Lumigan Eye Drops, immediately stop using it and report it to the doctor.

Can I use Careprost if I am wearing contact lenses?

It is undeniably safe to use Careprost when you are wearing contact lenses. Before the application of this ophthalmic solution towards the base of the lower lashes, you should not wear contact lenses. After 15 minutes of putting upon the ophthalmic solution, you can simply put back the contact lenses.

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Who Should Not Use Eyelash Growth Enhancing Product?

The Careprost, 0.03% solution should not be utilized in case you are allergic to the components which are present in it.

Storage Conditions

Always make sure to store the Latanoprost Eye Drops bottle in a cool place and the temperature should stay around 25 degrees Celsius, at all times. Also, make sure to carry out the replacement of the bottle cap for preventing contamination. Also, make sure to discard the bottle within four weeks of opening it.


Although you may find many ophthalmic eyelash growth serums on the market. However, among all, Careprost is the most tried, tested, and trustworthy. Due to the ease of application and many positive reviews about this product, it is the best choice for people. Also safe to apply if done under the guidance and supervision of a trained ophthalmologist. So, the doctors have already approved this eyelash growth-enhancing product and its utilization is commendable.

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