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Can Glaucoma disease be cured

Can Glaucoma Disease be cured?

Brief Introduction about Glaucoma Disease

Glaucoma is a serious and lifelong illness that can lead to permanent vision loss when not controlled correctly. This chronic condition elevates eye pressure and, simultaneously deteriorates the optic nerve with time. Although there is no cure for glaucoma, some treatment options are available to relieve eye pressure and prevent further complications leading to vision loss. This chronic eye condition comprises several eye diseases which permanently damage the optic nerve. This deterioration is further exaggerated due to the increase in the pressure within the eyes intraocular pressure and may lead to irreversible of blindness, whenever left untreated. Unfortunately, this condition does not have any discerning of the symptoms, and thus, it is almost impossible to detect this disease before it leads to severe vision loss. This eye disease develops in almost anyone. However, certain individuals are at higher risk in comparison to others. This will include people beyond the age group of 60 years and those with a very strong family history of Glaucoma disorder.

Who is at Greater Risk of Glaucoma?

Around 3 million of people in America alone suffer from this chronic eye condition. It is acting as the most prominent of causative reason for the occurrence of illness, all over the world. Open-angle glaucoma disorder is acting as the commonest type of this eye condition, arising as the consequence of enhancement in eye pressure. During the early stage, no detectable symptoms arise, which is why around half of the patients of glaucoma patients don’t even know whether they are the symptom. Although, it is not possible to reserve damage that has been caused due to this eye disease. However, if it is caught during the early stages, doctors are in a condition to preserve the vision, preventing its loss. Any individual can have glaucoma. But there is certain group of people at higher risk compared to the others. This involves people who have reached to the age of 60 years or more, with a family history of illness and diabetic individuals. So, people who have diabetes are two times more susceptible to acquiring it in comparison to non-diabetics.

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Symptoms of Glaucoma Disease

At first, there are no noticeable symptoms that can be witnessed. This is why around 50% of individuals with glaucoma don’t even know they are suffering from it. However, the passage of time may result in the loss of peripheral vision. This involves the part of the vision being closest to the nose. Since such symptoms arise gradually, many people are not in a condition at first instance, that there is something wrong with their vision. However, when the condition worsens, people will start noticing that they cannot see the things sideways anymore. Without timely and proper treatment, this eye disease can eventually lead to blindness.

Is there a cure for Glaucoma eye illness?

Although there is no cure for this eye condition to date, prompt & proper therapy will assist in slowing down or arresting the progression of the loss of vision. So, on the basis of the factors, which include age as well as the severity of the glaucoma disease, the therapy will include oral medication/ surgical interventions aimed at reducing eye pressure.

What are treatment options available?

The therapy includes the administration of medications that are intended to lower down the eye pressure. Such eye drops work for increasing fluid drainage or reducing fluid production. The laser technique is utilized for increasing the drainage or creating an opening within the iris/ colored eye component under the condition of angle closure glaucoma. Also, advanced surgical procedures have been utilized for creating alternate fluid drainage pathways within the eye, known as filtering surgery and the tube shunt surgical process. Also, due to the recent advancements and innovations in the eye surgical procedure, there is a minimally invasive glaucoma surgical process that leads to the enhancement in fluid drainage through the utilization of implantable and microscopic stents as well as shunts.

Promising new & advanced researches in Glaucoma cure

Today, researchers and ophthalmologists worldwide are making extraordinary strides towards finding the treatment provisions that may lead to the chances of a cure for this eye condition. There are lot of improvements done in medicated therapies. For example, the drug dispenses contact lenses as well as micro pumps that would eliminate the requirements for the administration of the daily eye drops. Apart from that, advances are taking place in genetic and cellular regeneration therapies in the hope that one day it will result in the prevention or reversing of damage to the optic nerve tissue. There is also strong evidence that through the conduction of the cataract surgical process, there can be an effective cure for closed-angle glaucoma. Also, stents can be introduced into the eye with the help of a syringe, which eliminates the need for an invasive surgical process.

Early Detection of Glaucoma is the key

In case, you are worried that you have this eye illness, especially when you have a family history of eye disease or you are diabetic, then it would be best to visit your eye doctor for a check-up. In fact, make sure to visit an ophthalmologist for regular eye check-up or should have the baseline eye examination conducted from the age of 40 years, in case of the normal eyes. So, the ultimate way to prevent the visual loss from the glaucoma disease is the early detection and prompt treatment.

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