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Can diet impacts erectile dysfunction

10 best diet advice for Erectile Dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction?

The erectile dysfunction is most common sexual ailment in which a male find it difficult to attain as well as maintain erections, prolonged enough for satisfactorily intercourse. It is one of the most prevalent sexual issues that males have reported to their health care providers in recent times. As many as 30 million males are being affected by this condition worldwide.

Although, occasional erectile failures are quite common from time to time. But when it becomes progressive or takes place on routine basis and intercourse is not normal, then this problem requires medical attention. People who are already suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular syndromes, obesity or any other type of the health condition are more prone to the risk of ED. It is extremely crucial to discuss the medical condition with your physician for ruling out any physical factors that can be checked through diagnosis.

How impotence occurs?

Now the question arises that does diet impact condition of erectile dysfunction? One research pertaining to male aging in MA found close linkage between the dietary cholesterol, intake of unsaturated fats as well as the occurrence of this sexual dysfunction. Poor eating Diet habits may make an individual obese, which in turn contributes towards this syndrome. You can also use some medication to treat Erectile Dysfunction like Vidalista 60mg, Fildena Super Active, Vidalista 40 mg and Cenforce 200.

Many studies have been found to be associated with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease with impotence. A diet rich in saturated fats increase the level of cholesterol in body. Some amount of cholesterol is crucial for cells as well as hormonal production, however its elevated level may lead to cardiovascular disease. Also, there can be built up of the fat deposits within the individual’s blood cells, and thus, it becomes challenging for conduction of smooth blood flow all throughout the body.

Can diet impacts erectile dysfunction?

Since the proper erections are dependent upon the adequate supply of blood towards the male reproductive organ, and thus elevated cholesterol level hinders the procedure impairing the erectile functioning. So, consistently consuming healthy diet, putting limits on the consumption of diet rich in saturated fats and at the same time maintaining adequate body weight is being found to support the appropriate erectile functioning over the course of an individual’s life time.

Here are some of the foods that can help men achieve sustainable actions and also support medically sound therapy for erectile dysfunction:

  • Watermelon

It comprises of citrulline, which is precursor to the nitric acid compound. This food is amazing for achieving good erections. It is capable of dilating and relaxing the blood vessels, facilitating the smooth blood flow towards the male reproductive region.

  • Leafy Greens

The leafy greens are rich in nitric oxide. So, just like any other food that promote hard erections, the leafy greens also assist arteries in expanding as well as filing up with the blood. In one study spinach soup is found to improve the nitrate level of the participants, while adding extra calories to their diet.

  • Dark chocolate

This is also one of the top-notch food products that promotes strong erections. It is being packed with the flavanols. It makes it quite convenient for the blood to flow all throughout the body.

  • Pistachios

One of the recent studies found that males who consumed pistachios during each and every day for 3 weeks or more time experienced quite a significant of improvement in their sexual health. This includes the condition of impotence, libido as well as the overall sexual satisfaction. The benefit is due to the presence of protein arginine, that relaxes blood vessels.

  • Oysters

The oyster possesses the reputation of being aphrodisiac. The reason is it comprises of the elevated level of zinc mineral. This is crucial compound facilitating the production of male sex hormone, testosterone. The low level of this hormone could be reason of impotence.

  • Tomatoes

The tomatoes are found to be rich in lycopene. This is a natural antioxidant which has been found to be associated with better sperm production. Consuming tomatoes is found to lower the rate of prostate cancer as well as promoting the overall sexual health.

  • Coffee

In one of the research conducted in the year 2015, it was found that impotence was more common among individuals consuming less amount of caffeine. It was being suggested that caffeine possess the protective impact. Although, it is not properly clear whether the caffeine or coffee is impacting the overall chances of the occurrence of erectile failures.

  • Blackberries & flavonoid rich foods

One of the studies demonstrated that consuming blackberry and other flavonoid rich foods are known to reduce the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. The blackberry fruit comprising of several distinctive types of flavonoids. One study conducted in 2016 found that 88 males who consumed flavonoid rich fruits experienced around 9 to 11% reduction in the occurrence of impotence.

  • Oatmeal

The oatmeal comprises of L- arginine, non-essential amino acid. It is responsible for carrying out the relaxation of the smooth muscle lining of blood vessels as well as improving the flow of blood.

  • Pomegranate juice

A study was being conducted on 53 males from California State University, finding that around half of the participants demonstrate improvement in their condition of erectile dysfunction while consuming pomegranate juice regularly for around 4 weeks. There are antioxidants which are present in the pomegranate juice. This leads to the enhancement in the nitric oxide compound level, improving the erectile issues. Do you enjoy sipping upon this delicious beverage? Well, it may be worth giving a try!


Are you facing issues in erectile functioning? If yes, then just load yourself with the foods mentioned above. They will be making it easier to increase the flow of blood towards the penile tissues during the times of sexual stimulation. Additionally, the foods will also be benefiting the rest of the circulatory system as well as organs, leading to the achievement of overall healthy lifestyle.

So, these Diet foods will definitely be helping you to get it up, keeping the sperm quality healthy as well as boosting the level of testosterone. However, looking for the changes after the alteration of the diet patterns will definitely be dependent upon the condition of individual. Diet is important to note that ED could be a sign of other underlying health conditions. Thus, always consult your general practitioner for finding the right course of treatment, most appropriate for you.

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